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SiriusXM TuneMix

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Does anyone know about this? I know if you hold a preset button down, "create tunemix" pops up. Where do you access the actual tunemix? Went through settings and everywhere on the menu and can't figure it out. Thanks in advance!
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Here’s a YouTube link for the 2017 Passport and TuneMix, with other tips. Maybe SiriusXM on the Passport’s infotainment system is similar enough to find what you’re looking for. There should me a TuneMix button to touch that will cycle through the channels that you added to TuneMix.

Thanks for the link. Was able to group a few channels together in the pre-sets. Wonder if I keep that preset on if it'll play songs from those grouped channels. Have to play around with it. So few instructions out there either in the manual or online.
If you press a preset of grouped channels, the channels should cycle around after each song.
Thanks! Is there a feature that allows to save a song or artist and alert you when that's played? I know some radios have that. Don't think Honda one's have that.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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