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Sirius XM trial extension.

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Sirius called regarding my trial expiration, and I told them I was not interested. After offering many different options, I still told them no.

At that point, she ask if she could extend my trial for another 3 months for simply paying the processing fee of $2.77.

Somi have another 3 months of full access and internet streaming until September.

I realize they simply wanted my cc on file, hoping I would forget about automatic renewal at full rate. I have a Reminder set to cancel at the end of August.
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They will eventually offer $50 for a full year. I use it along with Spotify.
I started with XM over 13 yrs ago. And several yrs ago I stopped the cc billing. I have them send me an invoice. They claim it's an extra $2, but that's not always the case. I hate the haggling at renewal, but I'm not paying their high prices.
I've had XM since 2005 and I've never given them my credit card. I always get a paper bill in the mail (after fighting tooth and nail to get the lower price, of course) then mail them back a check. I don't want them to be able to bill my credit card some ridiculously outrageous daily fee if I'm ever a few days late on payment. Although I now set my calendar to call them a few days before the next expiration date. I hate those calls with a passion, by the way.
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