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Shopping for a Passport

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I'm currently shopping for a Passport Elite and this forum looks like it will be a valuable tool both before and after I become an owner. I'm leaning towards just ordering a '22 model as I would rather have the first year of a "refresh" rather than the last year of the older style. I've seen plenty of photos of what I think is an improved exterior, but I'm waiting to see if they've made any changes to the interior. (maybe getting rid of the piano black?). My first question for the group is what sort of deals have you been able to negotiate, given the fact that there are very few available? MSRP looks to be about $45k. Does anyone know what the dealer invoice $ is on an Elite? It's my first PURCHASE (rather than a lease) of a new vehicle, so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be a good choice! Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Thanks for the reply storm303! Quite honestly, I really like the Acura RDX which checks a lot more boxes for me except of course price and I don't trust a Turbo 4 cyl long-term like I do a V-6. Your comment about "not amazing at any category, but very good at most" really hits home and is probably as good as one might expect in this price range. I appreciate it!
The company that I work for just started working with Honda and Honda shows up on my list of companies, which offer me a discount.
I logon on to Benefithub, select Honda 2021 Touring AWD, and get redirected to TruCar.
Trucar knocks $1,200 off of MSRP, BenefitHub knocks $350 off.

Three of the 7 Honda Dealers in Saint Louis were listed, by TruCar, and if I want to see what the others have to offer, I'll need to go to Edmunds dot com and enter my info.

Thru Edmunds, in 2019, my Touring AWD was discounted $5,777 off of MSRP, on Oct 24th.
That's great information! I really appreciate it!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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