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Service questions, dealer service questions

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I drive a lot (or used to and will again) and have always felt that dealer service was better. Maybe because in San Jose I had a really good dealer who took good care of me and never pushed things I didn't need. In Santa Cruz I don't trust this dealer and am thinking I'll not go back after this.

Part of it seems to be a shift from Honda about maintenance. When I had my 2010 Pilot I went by codes that came up on dash and that was it, rarely more, never less. I got 300k out of it. Now dealer, and seemingly Honda, have things that should be done every 30k/60k/etc. like long ago and not just the codes that come up.

1. What do people think about dealer vs 3rd party for regular service? I'd still go to dealer for any warranty or recall work.

2. What do people think about getting only codes that come up on dash serviced vs. other service.

3. See pic below, I know things are more expensive in California, and more so in the bay area. I accept that. But the prices below seem really high even so.

4. What do people think about the added things there? I think the add ons beyond the minimum are hokey and totally not needed (and I didn't get them).

Thanks for your opinions and info. I always find the discussions here helpful.

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Let me just say that those of us east of the Rockies and west of New England are floored by those prices!

Jed, move away from there!
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