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Sensitive brakes?

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I searched for this and came up with nothing so I’m wondering if I may have an issue with my brakes.
Nearing 7,000 miles on my 2020 and this issue has been noticeable since day one, but I chalked it up to being new and having to bed the brakes.
Unfortunately, my brakes are still very touchy.
What makes this worse is that I also drive a Chevy Silverado where braking is a firm push on the pedal gradually stopping. When I get into the PP, doing this will cause my passengers to jolt forward.
Does anybody think that their brakes are overly sensitive?
I also thought it was due to the transmission downshifting into first or second gear (kind of annoyingly) as I stop. I’ve gone to selectively down shifting using the paddle before the lurching happens.
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No issues here. I find them more than acceptable and much better than my former Ridgeline which had long pedal travel and mushiness.
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