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Running Boards, Roof Rails, Weather Mats, oh my!

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Hi all!

New owner here of a 2020 Passport EX-L. Very excited to be a part of this forum.

I'm looking to get some aftermarket roof rails, running boards, and weather mats. I saw some people prefer Husky Liners over Weather Tech for the latter.

I'm looking for guidance on the above 3 items. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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congrats on your new purchase!

I've got the OEM Passport all weather mats, no issues. I live in SoCal, so we don’t talk about our lack of depends on where you live though. Are you in snow and rain areas? If so, I’d look into the weather tech as they over a bit more coverage than the OEM.

And I preferred the black slim line running boards as they are cleaner looking than the die cast. And again, no snow or rain to make you slide when stepping on them. Also, I’m 5’ tall, so the few days I had to wait for the order to come in, I was climbing in and out. The dealer installed them along with the splash guards and mats (Holes needed to be drilled).
In MD, I’d for sure go with die cast and weather tech.

The die cast has that no slip grip on it. Take a look at some Ridgelines on the lot to see it. That’s what I did.

And the weather tech will go up higher on the all around coverage for the mats. If you have kids and other passengers, I’d go that route.

Here are some photos of the different looks.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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