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Roof Rack

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NOT!!! Tried popping off the plastic covers to install the crossbars. Honda directions vague, nothing helpful on YouTube. Anything I read said it takes force to pop the covers off. Well, I carefully wrapped 2 screwdriver blades with masking tape, snugged them under the cover at the rear and on the front edge according to Honda's instructions, Igradually increased force and pop... the clips that fasten the cover to the base just snapped right off! Just gonna order two new covers and be done with it. Very frustrating... For those who want to attempt this, the shiny black plastic covers have two posts (clips) that snap into the rubber looking base. One is located about 1/2" to the front of the torx screw (on the inner backside) and the other is about in the middle of the rubbery base. Honda instructions indicated pulling back while lifting up. You need to lift up to pop the clips first, then slide the cover back. What I find ironic is that most of the clips holding the bumper and wheel well moldings in place were loose or not fully engaged. I popped at least 1/2 of them into their respective slots the first time I washed the car. Poor design as far as I'm concerned!
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