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Roof rack crossbars

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Looking for some recommendations for cross bars for the roof rack. I’m being very indecisive and curious if y’all had any pictures to share of your crossbars installed on your Passsport. Thanks!
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College Hills Honda has these for $149 plus shipping. We unless you plan to use these, I think they only contribute to more air resistance that will effect fuel economy.
We have them. Using them for our roof basket. Yeah, I'd guess about a 2 mpg drop - at least with the roof basket up there. That's highway mpg.

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Part number is 08L04-TGS-100
You can get them on eBay or amazon. College hill Honda wanted to charge almost $60 for shipping so we went with eBay $149 plus $30 for shipping. They’re pretty aerodynamic so you will not notice a difference in fuel economy at all (the basket you might though, but it looks pretty damn cool)
I use 2x4’s for crossbars. They work great. $2.49ea at Lowe’s. A total steal!
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I usually go with Yakimas if you’re going aftermarket. I went with the oems this time around because the dealer already had them installed.
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