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Ridgeline Elite 18” Wheels

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Apologies as I attempted to search for this before posting.
Does anyone know if there’s a part number for the Ridgeline Elite 18” Black Wheels?
I’ve got the sport stock 20” wheels with the stock tires but live in the north so am debating getting some winter tires and separate wheels. And those Ridgeline elite 18’s I think would look cool. (Has anyone done this?)
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'Just another point of reference that may or may not help with your decision...

I bought a set of 2G Ridgeline wheels from a eBay seller who refurbishes/powdercoats them. This is the result on my '20 Elite with Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S in 265/60/18.

FYI: Got a chance to play around with this setup on some rougher 2-track in state wildlife management areas yesterday (where this pic was taken) and was impressed with the performance--and of the Passport in general in these conditions. I never ran the OEM tires/wheels off-pavement so can't compare, but this feels like a very capable setup. I tried my hardest to cut loose/break traction in a few hilly areas, deep gravel, etc., but the iVTM4 + good tires had me tacked to the surface like velcro...but still nimble driving.

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They aren't the sexiest looking wheels out there, but I was most concerned about function and going with a reliable choice others had success with.
this is a great look. what is the 2G ridgeline wheel?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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