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Ride/suspension question

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New member observation/question,

The only thing I really don’t like about my 2021 Passport is the ride quality over uneven/bumpy surfaces and am a little perplexed as to the exact cause.

It feels stiff and at the same time a little boat-like and unsure. It definitely jostles you on uneven (though not necessarily harsh) road conditions. I don’t mind a little bit of a stiff ride, I have had sports cars and sedans that were rough over bumps but not this weird bouncy/jostling at the same time. I have driven other brands of SUV’s and did not notice this quality, even in 4-runners. I don’t want to get rid of it but would really like to fix it if I can.

I have two questions:

1) If the struts are too stiff, why the side to side jostling and unsure feeling ? Has anyone else noticed this or is if just my vehicle ?

2) What is the solution, if any, to eliminating the jostling ?

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I dropped the pressure to 33 psi and this made a big improvement in ride quality with very little difference in handling.
I do the same,, though closer to 35 cold then 33. The OEM Continentals are showing a noticeable amount of edge wear after only 25000km, tread depth is <6mm on the walls vs 7.5mm at center so bear that in mind if you want the tires to last as long as possible.

We put 18" winter tires on this year, noticed a slight improvement in the 'boatiness' but its still an unnecessarily rough ride. My takeaway after 3 years: the AWD system is amazing, the ride quality sucks.
Coming from daily-driving a Mitsubishi Mirage and weekend driving an Audi TT, I had nothing but praise for the PP's ride. Granted, most of the roads I've been driving on are well paved black-tops.

Changed the OEM 20's to Trailsport 18's + Wildpeak ATs at ~800miles. Logged over 1k miles road trip.

I feel like the Wildpeaks are tougher rubber than the OEM Continentals (which is weird IMO) but maybe not to improve offroad toughness vs sharp rocks etc?

When we went offroad, I think I remember the left/right sway in the cabin was in fact horrible but I assumed that was because of the offroad condition.

I'll pay more attention to the ~50 mile commute home and report back.
The rebound rate on the PP is about 15% to fast contributing to the rocking and bouncing. Coming from a Highlander the compression damping is softer and the rebound is slower so less of a violent rocking motion but definitely more cornering body roll. It's a bit of a toss up but IMO shocks on cars and how they're tuned is a mystery to me as most cars ride like crap given all the tech and manufacturing available today, haha. I have a 21 f150 FTX 52k truck and it will make you sea sick with all bouncing around. One of cheapest parts on cars and one of the most important and they're treated as an after thought, plus I think manufactures are too reliant on all the diagnostic telemetry and their aren't real humans feeling for ride quality. The faster rebound rate allows for a faster and smoother ride on dirt wash board roads but that's about it. As soon as there are better dampers available from KYB or FOX....
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