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Coming from daily-driving a Mitsubishi Mirage and weekend driving an Audi TT, I had nothing but praise for the PP's ride. Granted, most of the roads I've been driving on are well paved black-tops.

Changed the OEM 20's to Trailsport 18's + Wildpeak ATs at ~800miles. Logged over 1k miles road trip.

I feel like the Wildpeaks are tougher rubber than the OEM Continentals (which is weird IMO) but maybe not to improve offroad toughness vs sharp rocks etc?

When we went offroad, I think I remember the left/right sway in the cabin was in fact horrible but I assumed that was because of the offroad condition.

I'll pay more attention to the ~50 mile commute home and report back.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts