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Replacing stereo on 2021 Elite

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I want to replace the factory stereo because I hate it. It doesn't have a cd player and haven't looked into disconnecting the charging pad to install the factory Honda cd player. I've already upgraded the speakers and amps which you can find in a past thread in the forum. I'm sure my aftermarket amps use line out converters to power on them which annoys me if the volume is at 8 or lower the amps will turn off. I've had several issues with using USB SSD's for lossless audio which painfully is limited to wma lossless. At least once a week my SSD is not recognized and the only fix is to shut the car off and start it back up. In any case, playing digital media is limited and my specific needs cannot be accommodated. I've looked at the user manual and checked on Honda's information page to find out what features may be lost by replacing it. I couldn't find details about Driver Information Interface and what integrations exist with the steering wheel controls. Aside from the stereo function which can easily be replaced by aftermarket, losing the steering wheel controls appear to be the only thing I need more information.

Driver Information Interface (DII)
Honda Information Center - Driver Information Interface (DII)

My requirements:
Keep as many existing functions of the factory system, GPS navigation and any system functions integrated with the steering wheel, reverse camera integration or replacement if needed
CD/DVD player with CD text
Digital media player with multiple audio format support mp3, wma, flac, wav. I would expect any aftermarket to have an excellent DAC.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Dude, I'm lost...

Everything is way too complicated now.

Back in the day (here we go ... ) an audio upgrade was cutting holes in the parcel shelf and installing some Pioneer 3-way 6X9's.

I appreciate how far you've gotten so far!
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