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Recommended Tongue Load Limits Exceeding GVWR when Including Payload?

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I have a question related to the recommended tongue loads in the Passport Manual. Apologies if this has been covered before, I did search the forums but didn't find what I was looking for.

I have a 2019 AWD Touring w/ ATF cooler. The door sticker lists a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 5,291 lbs and indicates the maximum allowable weight of cargo and occupants is 948 lbs. The manual states that the Maximum Load Limit (i.e. 948 lbs) "includes the total weight of all occupants, cargo, and accessories, and the tongue load if you are towing a trailer." The manual also provides the following table of suggested tongue weights:
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The manual states on the preceding page:
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So, with 5 occupants and the max permitted tongue load my total payload would be 5*(150+17.6) + 425 = 1,263 lbs. This exceeds the door sticker value by 315 lbs!

Assuming the published curb weight of 4,224 lbs, adding this payload value of 1,263 lbs results in a total combined weight of 5,487 lbs - this scenario exceeds the GVWR of my Passport by 196 lbs!

These seem like large discrepancies, can anyone comment on how these tongue loads were computed or why Honda is suggesting that users can exceed the GVWR when towing a trailer?
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For those that are interested, the AWD, full trailer hitch equipped models, meaning has the transmission cooler install as well, have a 500# maximum tongue weight (w/ 2 person car occupancy, it goes down per added passenger).

You never want to approach the max tongue weight in your endeavors. The PP in particular. Ever.

Additionally, if you intend to tow over 3k#, for the safety sake of everyone around you, you'll need to install and use a trailer brake.
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While I don't really have anything to tow now, I was hoping to rent some later and was already looking at articles for best under 3000# rigs.

Guess it's primitive camping for now.
I want to get us into a used < 2k# tear drop type trailer on the right deal. They are out there.
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