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Reccomedations if I should ask dealer about snow tires

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Hey all,

I have all season tires on my current 2020 EX-L lease right now, I was thinking about asking my dealer how much it would be to swap to snow tires in the winter. The all seasons are good in snow, but not the best on ice alone or a combo with snow falling. I also noticed getting to drive the Passport more in blizzard like conditions more often now, it needs a lot of stop distancing, I slid through a stop sign crossing the other night, going very slow, but it was lots of ice. Any thoughts on the snow tires? The Passport has always been a beast so far, it's always warmed up super quick also, so those are still huge pluses. Safe winter driving out there!
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I would normally say to get a set of 17 inch rims and mount snow tires on them, especially in a region where you expect snow fall every year. Since you're leasing though, it makes it a harder choice if you don't plan on buying out the lease. It might be worth getting a set of 17 inch or 18 inch rims with dual bolt patterns and using them to mount snow tires. Most asian SUVs use either 5x120 or 5x114.3 bolt patterns and inexpensive rims are available with that dual pattern. Tire size is usually pretty close within the vehicle classes so you'd probably be able to reuse the tires too.
I believe what the OP is asking about has to do with the dealership doing the tire swapping work which I can tell you is a former dealership service advisor that we did this quite often especially as winter approaches.

That being said you are welcome to get tires from anywhere to include the dealership if you so choose. I am a big fan of the Nokian brand when it comes to tires for winter driving, snow and ice.
Oooo that makes more sense haha. I can't imagine why they wouldn't do the tire swap for the normal mounting and balance fee, but each dealer shop differs 🤷🏻‍♂️
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