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Reccomedations if I should ask dealer about snow tires

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Hey all,

I have all season tires on my current 2020 EX-L lease right now, I was thinking about asking my dealer how much it would be to swap to snow tires in the winter. The all seasons are good in snow, but not the best on ice alone or a combo with snow falling. I also noticed getting to drive the Passport more in blizzard like conditions more often now, it needs a lot of stop distancing, I slid through a stop sign crossing the other night, going very slow, but it was lots of ice. Any thoughts on the snow tires? The Passport has always been a beast so far, it's always warmed up super quick also, so those are still huge pluses. Safe winter driving out there!
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For ice performance without going to studded tires, Michelin X ice, Blizzaks DM-V2 and Nokian Hakkapeliitta are worth a look. I've had the DM-V2's on a CRV and they were outstanding.
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