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Reboot Navigation System?

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My Passport Navigation worked great. Then one day I tried to search for a location. Since the day, the screen has been stuck on "loading map data." I have done so much research, but I can't figure out how to reboot the Navigation system. It's not as simple as it was in my Accord. I tried holding the power button and looked in every menu. I did a factory reset for the nav system. But nothing has worked. Map was up-to-date. Any suggestions on how to restart the system?
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From another post:

I'd try a master reset. 3 ways to do it;
1- disconnect car battery for a few seconds
2- find and remove fuse for the nav then put it back in
3- plug in a usb keyboard to the upper usb port and do a control alt delete (not sure if this will reset the nav)
I need reset my honda navigation system View attachment 14108 TE]
This is the Passport forum, you will most likely have better luck in the Pilot forum.
Check for a sticker in the glove box.

how do I cancel my request in the navigation system and start a new request?
Hit the X button, type in new search.

Pretty sure that's how I just did it 2 days ago.
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