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Question for any AWD owners - what's the entry height of the cargo area?

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Hi, just wondering what the actual height is of the rear cargo area. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on an EX-L and I forgot to measure the entry height of the cargo area. I have a large, old dog that I'll need to get a ramp for and was going to price one out, but wasn't sure what height I'd need :)


Note: just did an overnight test drive where I took the specific one I'm looking to buy home, made sure it fit in the garage and had time to fiddle with everything with no pressure. Also then got to drive it to work on my morning commute to see how it would do as my daily driver. Pretty much love everything but that mediocre gas mileage.
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I get 32 and a half from blacktop to the floor. 30 and a quarter to the bottom of the door recess.
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Perfect - thanks!

Now to see if the dealer has any more wiggle room on pricing ;)
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