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Push Button Start

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This morning I got in my 2019 Passport Touring and depressed brake pedal (it was firm). Pressed start button and got message to depress brake to start. I pushed MUCH harder and vehicle started. This also happened a couple of weeks ago. Today I know the Passport had sat for four days without being started. I can't remember about the last episode. Anyone else have this issue?
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I've only had mine 3 weeks, but I have had this happen a couple times. I don't know if I was going through the motions too quickly or something, but I've had push button start cars for years now and I don't think I've had this happen before.
For us, the brake is being pressed after the engine is turned off. To get past this, if you press the start button to the "Run" position and wait a moment, the pressure on the brake pedal should go away allowing you to start it without the brute pedal force. I had not experienced this in the Passport yet, but happened often in our 2018 CRV.
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