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Hey all, so I've been having a pretty significant problem with my 2019 Elite the past month or so. Car has 34,000 miles on it.

Firstly, I've been having issues with the start-stop function recently. It was on and off (no pun intended haha) for about a month or so, and I had assumed I had some bad gas in the car. I had gone to gas station before with my old car, and had some slight issues with the gas there before a few years back, so I thought it was the same cause. The car would struggle to reengage the engine once I took my foot off the brake. I would simultaneously get a message saying the Forward Collision Mitigation System was having a problem. However, the message would disappear after a few seconds, and the light would go away. The car would also not have issues restarting every time, it would be hit or miss, and then after a little while of getting gas at other locations, the problem seemed to disappear completely.

Now today, after a drive back from a vacation I was on, the car was having issues every time I stopped, consistently. But the most egregious was at one stoplight the car just straight up stalled and I was stuck in the intersection. I had to turn the car off and back on again. But after turning off the function using the button, then turning it back on again to see if I could get the issue to manifest itself while I was recording it to show the dealer, the car functioned normally for the rest of the drive, and subsequent drives to the store again today. Again, I've ruled out bad gas because I haven't been to that station in months, and the issues only recently manifested themselves again.

Now I know I mentioned electrics, and the reason I did is also recently, I've had strange seemingly unrelated issues with the car's electrics/infotainment. The radio wouldn't turn off the other day when I turned the car off, so I had to pull the fuse for it. Today the radio turned itself on randomly while I was washing the car, then turned itself off. Then finally, the car locked itself with the keys inside; as if I had walked away from the car with my keys in my pocket. I was inside when it happened, but it shouldn't have locked with the keys inside. These seem to correlate with the start-stop issue.

I have taken the car to the dealer several times for the radio cracking issue, and it was a nightmare to get them to actually do the work. I had to go to another dealership because they simply kept lying to me about fixing it, and even tried to charge me for the work even though the car is still under warranty. The other dealer seemed to fix it, and also updated the car for the recall with the system itself, but the cracking came back and I've just given up. Reason I'm mentioning this is that the car has been in for issues relating to the radio already.

So overall, does anyone have any thoughts? I'm kinda worried because I recently moved, and the closest Honda dealer is 2.5 hours away, so I have to really budget my time to get the car looked at so I can still have a vehicle for work. I'm worried that I'm going to have to fight again to get anything done because of my past experience with Honda maintenance, which I just simply don't have time for.

Thanks everyone!
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