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PP battery charging small camper battery??

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Hi all. I'm wondering if any of the great PP forum folks who have experience towing a camping trailer (in my case, a small teardrop, Tab 320) can tell me if the PP battery can charge the trailer battery while travelling. Thanks.
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I tow a [email protected] 320 with my Passport and it keeps the batt charged, with the frig running !
Yay! Newbie here with a 2021 Passport and new Tab coming in next month. I was worried about the fridge. What type of battery do you have in your Tab? Thanks.
Hello. I think I can help. Your Trailer Deep Cycle Battery will be charged via your Passports Alternator while driving. The 12 volt charge signal is part of the 7 pin round trailer harness connector. With the engine running the alternator is working to keep up battery voltage around 14 volts. The AUX signal (12 volt charge signal) is actually a pulse voltage, kinda like an on/off power. It will supply your trailer battery with low amp trickle charge.
Thanks for your comment. I read that many new vehicles have “smart alternators “ which cut back on charge when the tow vehicle is taken care of and as a result are not able to charge up the house battery. (At least that was my understanding as a novice student of campers and power options.) Glad to hear from Fasteddie that the PP will do the job.
I run my fridge on propane, its easy. My old camper has a 3 way fridge. Less work for the alternator.
Thanks, but the Tab 320, 2021 has a 2 way fridge - no propane.
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