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Popping Noise Very Loud coming from dash

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Hello All,

My passport is at Honda service right now. I want to thoroughly explain my issue, as my issue has been a problem since I bought my passport new in January. On the way home from the dealership, I noticed a weird popping noise from inside the dash. It would happen randomly and sometime when I turned the wheel. I explained to the Honda dealership I bought my passport from, that I was having this issue. But could not reproduce it. I even took it to them and they could not find a issue. This dealership is 3 hours away, so it was a pain to take it to them. I noticed on a few occasions that my AC and heat would act weird when it happened. So I suspected blend motor issues. Thursday of last week, I was on lunch and it started continously popping very loud and would not stop unless I turned the defrost on. It would still pop occasionally even with defrost on. I have some mechanic experience, so with my knowledge I told them that I thought it was a blend motor / actuator / blend door. I have heard it called a few names. The Honda Service tech also confirmed Saturday that he thought it was also the blend motor.

Honda called me yesterday and confirmed that they would be replacing the blend motors and the whole "box" for the AC, which means they have to take my dash out. Which kinda sucks. I know that taking a dash out without damaging other stuff is a pain. Luckily I am in a courtesy Honda CRV for the time being. They said it may be a week or so.

Honda of Cleveland in East TN was very nice in person and over the phone.

I have included a video of it, just in case anyone else has this issue.

Ignore my dusty pollen covered interior of East TN.

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That sucks. Sorry to hear it. They are never the same after the dash comes out.
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