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What’s your preference. 20s, 18s or 17s

  • 20”

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • 18”

    Votes: 30 60.0%
  • 17”

    Votes: 5 10.0%

Poll: What size rims do you like on the Passport?

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Just curious, seems to be many don’t like the 20s?
I do not only because of the ease of rash! In 46 years of driving I’ve never scratched a rim unless road debris hit during driving like a rock.
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If Honda provides better OEM tires such as Pirelli Scorpion or Michelin Cross Contact with slightly higher profile tires such as 265/50 R20 or 275/45/R20, then a lot more people may like 20 inch tires. The existing OEM 20 Continental Trash LX Sport-Trash at 265/45/R20 are lower profile and handle very rough leading to many complaints. I hated the OEM tires and they make Honda Passport ride poorly in my opinion. I just changed my tires yesterday, to the brand new, latest released Pirelli - Scorpion AS Plus-3 and trust me, it feels like a whole new Passport with superb handling, much better braking and comfort (soaking bumps softer now).
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