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Picture of White Elite w/ Ridgeline Tires?

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Got a 2019 passport recently. Didn't need the Elite, but it was less expensive and fewer miles than the Tourings I could find locally. Only dislikes are the autostop (annoying to me) the lack of center console (annoying to the dog) and the 20" rims.

I daily drive 20+ miles of rough pavement at 85mph (rural Texas). I couldn't hear the stereo in my last SUV. I want more sidewall, I'd also like to keep to OEM if possible. I see that it's popular to swap tires between the Ridgeline and Passport, but it's a lot of hassle to buy/sell wheels and I'd like to see it if possible before pulling the trigger.

Anyone have pics of their white passport with Ridgeline tires? I'm not tied to the black color, but having trouble finding pics of them on a white PP.
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2019 White Elite with Ridgeline wheels 1) all gray, 2) gray/sliver. OEM Ridgeline wheels are available in black, but rare unless you have them powder coated.
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CR-V wheel specs are different and cannot be used. Yes for current generation of Pilot, Ridgeline and Passport for 18" wheels. 2021+ Ridgeline are +45mm offset vs +55mm offset. With 18" honda wheels, the width is typically "8J". These other wheel specs are important to fit on the wheel hub properly...
  • Center Bore: 64.1 mm (unless a centering ring is required for most aftermarket)
  • PCD: 5x120 (bolt pattern for wheel lugs)
Research wheel spec info here... Honda Ridgeline 2019 - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs -
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@PonderTinker... Yes, that 18" OEM wheel should be compatible. If you wish to stay with the same diameter tire, 245/60R18 is the equivalent. TireRack does not list the correct 18" tire size for the Passport. You can purchase center caps online.
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