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Pick up my new silver Trailsport this week!

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Looking forward to getting my new 2022 Trailsport this week. I test drove about 7 different vehicles ( X3,X5,Volvo SUVs, Outback, Atlas) and for the money and my lifestyle (mountain biker , road tripper, suburban dad with high school kids) this car made the most sense!

I wanted to love the VW Atlas but as a die hard VW / German car fan it disappointed me.

I think the Passport Trailsport looks soooo great and drives really well- like a truck-car- SUV all in one. I hope the quirky infotainment features don’t bug me like many people have mentioned- but I’ve never owned a car with even a back up camera so to me it seems awesome

I’ll post more when I get it home….
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