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Peeling the Wireless charging warning sticker

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Has anyone else with an Elite trim removed the sticker on the wireless charging pad? Are we supposed to? Did it come off easily? Do you have advice or a picture?
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I think it along the lines of the tag on your mattress.
I have not removed mine.
Do not remove your "sticker" from your charging pad. It's not meant to be removed.
I put a 'less ugly' sticker over the existing. View attachment 3320
Its become something of an eyesore with all the warning stickers inside the PP.
Sticker removal day! Aka, removing the mattress tag.
  • The sticker is laminated...clear plastic on top, decal in the middle, adhesive tape on the bottom.
  • Initially, I only manage to peel the top two layers. This left the adhesive tape. (photo #1)
  • Patiently and slowly removed the adhesive tape with fingernail and a small pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Clean up an residue adhesive with a remover.
  • Removing the adhesive tape distresses the thin rubber underneath. (photo #2)
  • The distressed rubber is not noticeable from the driver's or passenger's point of view, as well as low light under the center stack. (photo #3)
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Anybody else find the charging pad to be incredibly slow at charging?
I have a roll of exterior black vinyl. I’ll probably cut a piece to cover the ugly warning label.
I discovered I'd have to remove the protective case from my phone for it to make contact with the charging plate, which is hard enough to get on so now I just ignore it.
I have a roll of exterior black vinyl. I’ll probably cut a piece to cover the ugly warning label.
That's a good idea and I'm gonna try that myself!
My charging sticker came off really easy. I removed it on a really warm day. Pulled one corner of it up with my thumbnail and then slowly pulled it up to the other side.
It came off completely with no residue.
After that, I disabled the charging feature as I’m mostly on CarPlay through the USB and my phone gets charged that way.

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I guess I got lucky too. Just like JS SAYN, pulled up one corner with my fingernail and then slowly pulled the entire label off without leaving any residue on the charging mat! But, mine remains enabled to place my S8 on it for alittle juice now and then.
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