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passport flat tire set up and dead battery set up

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just showing my current set up if i get flat tire or dead battery. As i am sure u know if battery dies =no power tailgate function so i elected to put my car "jump starter" right under rear center hvac controls...just friction fit works great, see pic. also put "ground screw" so i dont have to uncover battery to get to ground cable to jump it, the screw is my ground
also if there is a flat tire i use OEM jack w adapter for 1/2" drive rachet, as well as a breaker bar. thew rachet i bought by itself just for car rather then the factory handle style which really sucks, hope pics explain ideas here
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For dead battery ...:

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As someone who changed flat month ago, I am looking for alternatives to the jack. Lifting 20 inch wheel with the OEM one is not FUN when you stranded on the side of dirt road.
Is 14.31 enough to pull the flat off? Have you tried to check if the tire is clear? I had flat in the rear and at some point I started doubting if OEM will be enough.

I suggest people do a drill run what it takes to pull flat off. Entire cargo area needs to be empty out...
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Thanks. Can you recommend plugging kit? I am agile and have compressor but never plugged a tire.
This is truly a good idea, but I think the kickstand does not hold a lot of weight - compared to what a jack would.

If you dont mind taking a photo of your rear tray, that'd be awesome.

I'm still trying to figure out if it's worth removing the rear tray and donut and replace with a full-size spare. I feel like the width of a full-spare would be too tall and decrease the cargo space.
I dont think you going to be able to "cleanly" fit full size tire without major rework or compromises. I also think the tire is much taller than the current well/area depth so the entire floor would need to be raised and thats assuming the tire would actually fit diameter wise in the first place. How many times you will get flat where to donut one does not suffice in short run? I dont think it is worth all the headache ...
This is where I'm coming from. While I don't plan on 'extreme' offroading, accidents or sharp rocks happen and would like the piece of mind of a full-size spare when on the trail.

Hitch mount tire rack may be an option; perhaps also overhead/roof storage.
Seems overhead would be less intrusive in terms of mods. However, I would place inside once back on highway to save on fuel .
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