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Painted wheels, calipers and emblems - need opinions...

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Need a few opinions...

One of my neighbors pointed this out to me while we were having a long discussion about painting my wheels (I think powder coating is the right term), calipers, Honda emblems, and some of the glossy trim on the front and back...

Many of us are NOT a fan of the glossy wheels, etc...I found a guy who can paint the emblems and trim and my local Honda shop can do the calipers and rims. The cost for the calipers is about $500 and each wheel about $150. And I’d worry the plastic trim will peel or bubble.

And - there is so much glossy trim on the Elite AWD! Has anyone done this and kept 90% of the gloss? How does it look with flat matte wheels and the gloss all over?

And would this void the warranty?
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