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One Month In...

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I've had my 21 PP EXL a little over a month now. I bought it because, compared to the competition, it best fit my needs. Most of its quirks and deficiencies were forewarned in reviews and here on PPF, so I knew (mostly) what I was getting into. Still, it falls short of truly satisfying me.

My biggest disappointment is that I just can't get in it and drive uninterrupted like I could with my prior 2005 Pilot EXL. (I really miss it!)

The Passport always seems to be fighting me. The gas pedal pushes back, resisting my foot in normal driving. The car intermittently brakes coasting downhill. I can't just coast smoothly at all.

LDW and RDM are intrusive when I get close to a line in situations where it doesn't matter. CBMS warns and brakes when I go around a curves and a car is coming in the opposite direction. Auto Idle just gets in the way when I want to get going. (And it doesn't work half the time when I am sitting in a drive-through line.)

About a week ago, I turned off the RDM, CBMS and the Auto Idle. It's annoying to have to hold a button to turn off the CBMS each time I start the car but, the driving experience is much better with it and RDM off. (Turning off Auto Idle is not a big deal, it's just part of the process when shifting out of Park.)

And then there's the tranny. This is my first one with a large number of gears. Too many of the up shifts seem to take way too long and feel like the droning of a CVT while it is shifting. Nothing is crisp. Fortunately, when I want to kick it in, the tranny downshifts quickly.

I am surprised how quickly the car can move when it gets the gas, but the car doesn't seem to be in control because of the high center of gravity, the body lean, and the feeling that the low profile tires are going to pop off. I miss tossing the old Pilot into turns. Can't do that with the Passport.

I don't modify my cars, but this one is making me consider it. The first thing would be lower and stiffer springs. After that I would consider 18" wheels.

In the end, though, I generally like the car and will keep it until either it or I die. It's extremely practical and roomy. The seats are comfy. And if it is like my previous Hondas, it will last forever and not cost me a lot in maintenance/repairs.
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I turn off all that crap and I enjoy my PP much better now. Idle stop, lane Asst ,CMBS and traction control. Finally, never use econ mode.
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I turn off all that crap off and I enjoy my PP much better now. Idle stop, lane Asst ,CMBS and traction control. Finally, never use econ mode.
Yeah, I have also turned off LKAS and will turn off ACC next time I use cruise. I'm still a lot smarter than these nannies.
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