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Oil change #1

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4353 miles, took delivery 4 March. Wife has been everywhere, my mother, her mother, everywhere in between.

Oil looked excellent coming out, clear. Drain plug near exhaust pipe, dealt with some heat.

Mobil Full Synthetic 0W-20, 5.7 quarts

Fram XG7317 filter - cut away approximately 2” x 4” of plastic near filter for easier access. Outstanding filter.

Reset maintenance minder

Gave her a good scrubbing (the Passport), took her out for afternoon Cinco de Mayo cruise (wife and Passport). NOTE: Happened upon Gen 1 Passport in traffic, tired but running.

Also supervised son’s oil change in his 2014 CRV, 55k Miles. Junior at KU, I buy the oil/filter, he does the work with my tools in my garage. Coached him up on the value of quality parts, DIY. This will all be his someday.
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My Honda shop that works on Honda and Acura only said between 4,000-5,000 for my first oil change. A wide range just due to the fact I am not sure what my mileage will be when I get home in 28 days!
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