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Oil change #1

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4353 miles, took delivery 4 March. Wife has been everywhere, my mother, her mother, everywhere in between.

Oil looked excellent coming out, clear. Drain plug near exhaust pipe, dealt with some heat.

Mobil Full Synthetic 0W-20, 5.7 quarts

Fram XG7317 filter - cut away approximately 2” x 4” of plastic near filter for easier access. Outstanding filter.

Reset maintenance minder

Gave her a good scrubbing (the Passport), took her out for afternoon Cinco de Mayo cruise (wife and Passport). NOTE: Happened upon Gen 1 Passport in traffic, tired but running.

Also supervised son’s oil change in his 2014 CRV, 55k Miles. Junior at KU, I buy the oil/filter, he does the work with my tools in my garage. Coached him up on the value of quality parts, DIY. This will all be his someday.
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I've never owned a brand new car, or newer car for that matter. So I don't know how engine manufacturering has come along but it used to be a pretty universally accepted fact that you should do your first oil change after roughly 1000 miles after engine break in to flush out any metal wear from the break in period. Maybe machining has come a long way and with the tighter tolerances of today's engines, it no longer requires that but I dont know.

When you did your oil change did you notice any shiny particles in your oil or did it feel graining at all?

I am tempted to change my oil at 1k just for peace of mind even if it's a placebo lol.
Also, congratulations on the purchase of your new Passport, you picked a winner as your first new auto purchase.
Thank you. I believe so too.
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