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OEM rails w/ ski rack

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Today I installed the OEM roof rails and I decided to get a rhino rack ski holder. The price was about $50 less than the Honda ski rack and I believe is holds more ski’s.
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In order to get my racks and skis to clear our garage header (due to steep approaching driveway) I needed something with a very low profile. This is what I ended up using...

1) a low profile crossbar with T-Slots, $68, see my review here...
Review – $68 Low Profile Cross Bar for Roof Rack
2) two sets of Yakima T-Slot adapters, $20 ea
3) two Yakima FatCat 4 (non EVO), approx $125 ea

This is the lowest profile setup you can get, the ski bindings just clear from hitting the roof of the vehicle.
The stock Honda crossbar rises upwards, and by using this low profile crossbar I was able to lower it by about 2 inches. Then using the Yakima T-Slot adapter instead of the Yakima universal mount I was able to save about another 2 inches in height.
I actually bought a Yakima FatCat 6 EVO but didn't like how hard it was to reach across the vehicle to takes skis in and out. After some searching I found two brand new Yakima FatCat 4 (non EVO) in unopened boxes on Craigslist. The Yakima FatCat 4 (non EVO) version hasn't been sold for several years, it is identical to the EVO sold today except that it is 4" shorter. This gives me room for at least 6 pairs of wide skis and a few sets of poles, and it's easy to access from each side of the vehicle.
The only downfall is that when using the T-Slot you can't raise one side to load a snowboard upside down, and I did have to drill a new hole in the racks for mounting, but doesn't affect the operation or structural of it in any way.

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