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Obsessed With Obsidian

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After waiting two and half months my 2022 Passport Elite finally arrived. My original color choice was black but in the end I just couldn't pull myself away from my love of the Obsidian Blue Pearl color to give it up. Heck I've owned a 2013 Pilot EXL in that color & still own a 2015 Accord EXL in the color. It's my destiny.

Anyway, loving the car but still have so much to learn about it with all the changes in infotainment since 2013. It's a pretty steep learning curve from a 2013 Pilot EXL to a 2022 Passport Elite.

I'll add running boards and the rear cargo protectors to fight against Golden Retriever dog hair accumulation.

She will be making her first long trek to Boulder, CO from Ohio to visit my son at the end of this month and I'm really excited about it.

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Nice looking PP...

Is your son going to college there? Our daughter is in her final semester
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