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Nov-2019 Passport vs Outback Comparison (Motor Trend)

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Some good and bad, but overall they confirm the PP is the right choice for me...!
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I've driven both and I think anyone who picks the Outback must be crazy or just not like driving very much. They gave the nod to Outback for Off road and infotainment, and research into either topic will show that the Passport is the clear winner in both.

Never trust "comparisons" that compare based on manufacturer provided numbers and pictures.
I'm actively considering the outback and passport. 90% driving around city or roadtrips on paved roads, but 10% offroad of varying conditions. Nothing INTENSE designed to challenge a vehicle, but ground clearance is a big one on forest service roads.

I mostly worry about the lower ground clearance on the passport, plus the 20" wheels! It's marketed as adventure, but the large wheels, no underbody protection, and no all-terrain tires is a bit frustrating. Would love to hear your thoughts more on the comparison/benefits of the Passport. I absolutely love the Passport cargo size, that's for sure!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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