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Non switched +12v for charging

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I like to keep my I-pod in the Passport connected to the Info-system via Bluetooth. I would also like to leave it on and charged, it hardly draws anything when fully charged so I need a 12v source that is on all the time. Looking at the manual, there is no such power source I can find that doesn't require being in at ACC mode.

Has anyone else figured out how to get a constant power source. Before you jump all over me, yes I know this could run the battery down but my I-pod draws 10 MA (.01 amp) from its source when its battery is charged. This would not run the battery down.
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The answer is what else is on/running in the ACC mode. The Passport has multiple computers. How many of those are up and ready in the ACC mode.

The true answer could be found for your vehicle by connecting a VOM in series with the positive lead of the battery and measure DC amps. Measure with everything OFF. Then measure to your heart's content in the ACC mode.

There will be a point where one or more of the computers will cry uncle and issue alarms because of low battery voltage. Consult with your local Honda engineer.

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