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No sound with any maps applications.

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I am having this weird issue with the sound while using maps on phone.
First it was Waze on Galaxy 10+. I thought it's an "old" phone, fine. But then I tried Waze on wife's iphone 12, same crap. Then we tried native apple maps, no sound.
Then google maps back on my galaxy, no sound. I mean there is sound on Waze with my android phone, but it's very very quiet. And intermittent even with that. If I play any sort of music, it just mutes the music, that's all.
Search them interwebs, but found nothing except generic statement that android integration is not the best. Which is I disagree with, at least with android, I have full screen Waze and direction arrows show up on driver's display. With apple carplay, it's half screen and no display integration.
Anybody has any clues as of why there is no sound with navs? 2020 Touring.
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Can you hear the assistants prompt when you tap the mic button? If not, click the mic on screen and then immediately volume up to adjust that. Waze and Maps have different level of notifications, it's possible to turn the notifications off in the app itself. Check that the speaker icon in the directions is set to on, which would be the icon all the way to the right.
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