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No Elite trim in Canada?

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In-laws are visiting us from Canada (Toronto) and my father-in-law I guess likes the Passport enough that he was checking them out via He mentioned today that the Elite model isn't listed.

Anyone have intel on the lack of the Elite trim level in Canada?

Press releases in December seem to mention the Elite trim level. *shrug*

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Think Canada has a Touring only which is the same as our Elite so there isn’t a Canadian Elite model
That is basically correct. Our Touring is your Elite and it comes with the same black wheels as your Elite does. It does not come with the silver wheels. The splash guards are also standard in Canada.
I just purchased a Passport Touring yesterday here in Canada and it is exactly the same as the Elite in the US.
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No, our touring has essentially the same features as the US Elite trim model.
I have a Canadian Touring and it is very similar but exactly the same. It is missing the rear window shade curtain and an option to adjust the auto headlight sensitivity in the car settings.
Thanks everyone!
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