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No Door Open When Backing Up

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I was trained to open the driver's door if necessary when backing up to see proximity to objects. Apparently, that is not allowed in the Passport. As soon as the door opens it shifts itself into park. Sometimes the mirrors just can't show you want you need to see and opening the door is the only way. Granted we are talking very close circumstances, but it is necessary on occasion.
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Do you have the side mirror set to point down when you back up?
I did this once years ago at a Gas Station while in my Prelude and the door edge hit a Gas Station column, ever since, my doors stay closed. I back into my drive way and park next to a big, long, tall block wall (between my neighbors home and mine) and can get 8-10 inches away from the wall by using the Passport mirrors and backup camera.

I'm by no means a "master", but coming from the previous 16 years of driving small sedans (the last one a 2-door), I think backing up is a skill that just needs to be developed...

Yes, it’s annoying.
I have to back up in my tiny garage and have a sharpie line where the door lines up to when open to hit the sweet spot. If I’m 1” off, it won’t fit. So I have to open the door to hit it.
I noticed the other day for the first time. Nothing like opening the door and getting it spot on. Not happening with the PP. And coming from much smaller cars for years, the PP may as well be a bus in my mind.
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I know if you open the door while moving forward the Passport will shift into Park IF you don't have your seat belt on.
I can open the door while backing up with the PP Touring (not that should make any difference) and not have it go into Park as long as the seat belt is fastened. If you need to lean out just fasten the seat belt under you. Just went out to the driveway to confirm.
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As I was backing into the garage, it could have been that the seat belt was not on. I will give it a try and hopefully that resolves this. Thanks all.
This may explain the anomaly that I experienced a few months ago: I pulled up to a gas pump that wouldn't take my credit card and so attempted to move to another pump - and the car wouldn't move. Eventually I shut it all down, buckled up and reversed to the pump behind me.

I intended to try and duplicate this but never did.
I haven't experienced these movement alerts, but I'm impressed with all the safety elements that have been programmed into the PP's computer.
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