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No Crank No Start, But OBD2 Reader improves operation

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I have 2000 Honda Passport LX 3.2 L V6. Drove it and parked it for a couple of days and now it doesn't crank or start. Battery is good has 12volts and I have also tried jump start it. I tested all the fuses and are all working. Swapped starter relay and fuel pump relay with another relay and still nothing. At first it made a short buzzing sound when I turned the key on and also when I tried cranking it. The sound was coming from the Fuel pump relay. I did notice that the fuel pump did not run or the fuel gauge move.

Today I decided to give it a go again and this time I connected an OBD2 WiFi reader and did not get any codes, but notice that the fuel gauge was reading. Turned the key on and heard the fuel pump and then when I cranked it the starter clicked but did not turn the engine. I tried tapping the starter while someone turned the key, but no luck. As soon as I removed the OBD2 Reader, the car went back to the buzzing sound and no fuel gauge and no fuel pump sound. We did get a lot of rain for a whole week and I did run over a couple of water puddles.

What does the OBD2 reader do to the car were it activates the fuel system and allows the starter to click? Without it..... the car has power inside, headlights, radio, PWR window, etc.... But no fuel pump, fuel gauge or starter clicking.
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The battery poles looked cleaned, but I went ahead and with a wire brush clean the battery terminal and post. Also cleaned ground going to engine and grounds doing to fuse box. After cleaning everything and removing all dirt.... The car started quickly. I guess just by looking at the battery the terminals looked cleaned, but I guess any minimal built up can cause issues.
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