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Just picked up my 2019 Passport Touring AWD in NJ

MSRP 42,225 (includes destination charge)
Actual 37, 200.75 (includes destination)
All weather Mats 150
Splash Guards 155
Doc Fee 499
NJCAR DSP Fee 12.50
NJ Tax 2,517.81
DMV Tire Fee 7.50
Registration/Tags 371.00
Temp Plate Fee 5.00
Wheel locks Free

Total out the door 40,918.06

Offered Honda Care at a price worse than the online offers (Saccucci, CollegeHills, etc), but did not take it. I'll self-insure. The prices for the splash guards and floor mats were nothing special, but I was pretty pleased overall with the OTD amount.

Thanks to those who have offered advice about shopping via email. Definitely the way to go. Didn't do that exclusively, but it seems like the time spent on the phone was mostly wasted. Some dealers understand internet-based purchasers and engage readily. Those are the ones I liked working with. Others play games. I didn't push the bidding that far. Was happy with the offered price and liked that the dealer was responsive and straightforward. Felt like it was a good choice to commit at that point.
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