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New winter shoes

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Installed some Ridgeline wheels with 55 backspacing along with some Nokian APT 245/60/18
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I’ve been lucky twice with buying snow tires/wheels, first my daughter use to have a Corolla and would drive to Spokane from Seattle to see her boyfriend based in Spokane. I logged onto Craigslist and found a guy selling a set on rims off of a Corolla and he lived in the same town as I do, score.

The second time I got lucky was this last Christmas, I told my wife I wanted to get a set of snow tires for my sons CRV, I knew which tires I wanted (Blizzaks) I just needed to find a set of decent rims. I looked through Craigslist again and after searching through several pages I was about to call it quits, when I noticed a set of the exact same CRV rims my son has on his, and the the guy lived in the same town as I do, again.

Those Blizzaks worked so go during the recent snow/ice storm we had here in the PNW, that I’ve been contemplating putting a set on my PP
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Mtbker ? Is that Mt Biker or Mount Baker ?

Curious because I’ve been an avid mtn biker for 39 years now and still going, not as fast but still going. Im also an avid, obsessed, and most of all passionate snowboarder that started boarding at Mount Baker Washington for those same 39 years. We found that we needed a summer activity that stoked us as much as boarding does.

I have some incredible memories from Baker
If we're sharing stories about craiglist finds, my current Trailsport wheels were purchased through CL. He wanted 800 for them but seeing as it was up for 30 days, I offered 600. I put some falken wildpeak AT and it was perfect for our recent drive to Big Bend National Park.
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Update, switched out the Nokians, has a little hum on freeway speeds, went with my Continental terrain contacts A/t ( had them on my previous forester and loved how quiet they were) Almost as quiet as stock, waaay quieter than the nokians but rides a bit harsher.
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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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