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New Touring AWD in Northern California

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After 114 messages here, I can finally post that I'm a Passport owner! :D

Picked up my Modern Steel Touring AWD today. Not had much time with it, so here are some pretty ordinary pictures. Will start a build thread and hopefully have nicer photos there :p.


In spite of all my research I had no idea I'd get factory tinted rear windows :cool:.
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Congrats on your MSM Passport.
Excellent. Congrats. It's about time! ;)
Excellent. Congrats. It's about time! ;)
Haha yup. Thanks
Big Congrats from So. Cal.! I have the exact same vehicle...

Now for the fun, what Accessories will you be adding?
Ordered floor mats, cargo tray, key fob cover so far. More to follow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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