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New (to me) observation

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Last night I discovered that the large bin (under the armrests) is lighted. So are the two cup-holders.
I've often forgone the top of the line models - where these amenities are often not installed (focusing on cheap daily drivers while placing my bride in the higher trim levels).
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What is missing is a map light that could stay on all the time, like the foot well lights. It could be directed at the shifter buttons.
Foot lighting is very, very dim; dimmer than a night light.
My MDX has it and it's never bothered me. I ordered the foot lighting for my PP 08e10-tg7-100 and I will install it. I've already swapped the interior lights to LED (except the glove box).
I received an under hood light set and a remote positive battery terminal, but haven't gotten around to installing them.
I went out and searched and found the tiniest led over the console.
There is a very small vertical slit, which covers an led.
I am going to take the overhead lights/sunglass holder apart and see if I can enlarge the slit, to let more light come thru, like this guy did to his foot well led covers:
brightening the foot well lighting
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I plan to use a ex small from my hobby bench.
My foot lighting is OEM part 08E10-TG7-100

My interior LEDs are from e-bay
led PP

My under hood LEDs are from Amazon

PP Under hood

Here's a list of Honda parts Online that I've used over the years:

Online Honda Parts Locations

www dot hondapartsdeals dot com Rhode Island

hondapartsunlimited dot com Phoenix, AZ

hondapartssale dot com ?

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hondaoriginalparts dot com Europe

newoempartsonline dot com Savanah, GA

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