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New Tire Availability-Toyo Open Country AT3

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Toyo just released the new version of the Open Country AT3, and it is available in the 245/50/R20 size at launch (fits Sport and EX-L) wheels. No availability yet for the wider Touring and Elite size but they are coming out with 50 more SKUs by this summer so that might make the cut. There is a 265/50R20 now. Can’t speak for the tires personally, but I know Toyo makes a quality product, and this tire would be a good middle ground for many of us.

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We have the at2 in 265/50/20 and I feel that they ride like the stock tires, but they are noticeably louder. MPG is down .5-1 mpg from stock, but we are lifted as well which doesn't help aero.
The fitment chart recommends the 255/50R20 for the Passport. Are you experiencing any rubbing with the 265 width?
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