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New Passport in Pennsylvania

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Hello, After owning a 2009 Pilot (so many VCM issues), then a 2014 C-RV I have now decided to lease a 2020 Passport. The car is great looking, great to drive and has all the bells & whistles I need (it's an EX-L AWD. The lease deals on these are pretty good right now so I thought I'd take the plunge. This will mainly be my wife's car but maybe she'll let me play with it once in a while.

I have always like Honda, the only bad one I had was my 2009 Pilot that had to have the piston rings replaced TWICE!!! due to the VCM sludge issue. Hopefully this is no longer a problem with this engine. I'm very excited to have this car for the next three years, if I really love it I'll buy it at the end of the lease.
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Welcome to the forums!
Congrats on your new PP. Take it out for a nice drive this weekend and enjoy!! Poke around the forum for lots of useful info! May you have many happy miles ahead of you!
Congrats and welcome, sorry for your sludge...
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