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New Passport in DFW

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Howdy Folks,
Last night I brought home a new Copper Black Pearl Passport Elite. I had the dealership add the transmission cooler, and they had already bolted on some package with running boards and the trailer hitch, and interior mats and stuff, which all seems good.

I didn't trade anything in, though the plan is for the Passport to replace both my '11 Subaru Outback 3.6R (169k miles) and '08 Ford F150 (202k), and eventually sell both of those. I love my truck, and the Subaru has been a spectacular car (other than a few gripes). They are just getting long in the tooth and I'd like to get down to just one dependable vehicle that I can use for daily commuting, road trips with multiple dogs, and occasional light towing and light off-road use. I've owned a couple Hondas in the past, and with the direction I perceive Subaru to be going in, I've returned to Honda. The Passport seems to fit the bill on paper - we'll see how it does in real life. I should find out pretty quickly -- between daily commuting and several planned road trips, it will likely have about 16k on it by 12/31.
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Welcome! Thats a cool color. Couldnt get SWMBO to consider it.
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