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New Owner in Pittsburgh

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Picked up my Modern Steel Touring tonight and very excited to learn all the new features. Significant Other drives a 17 CR-V so I already understand most of the Honda Sensing features but will need to also learn some of the differences. This was one of the first cars I ever looked at where I instantly felt comfortable inside, perfect size, great seats and with all the features I wanted. Especially power folder mirrors for our tight garage. And the LED headlights driving home in the dark and rain tonight were amazing.

Thanks to all you out there in the forum as you provided a lot of good information as I planned this purchase and the Costco program made the sale easy. Now I just need to figure out all the settings. I was thinking most of the features would be similar to the CR-V and I'm finding some are, some aren't. Part of the fun of getting a new car!

Safe driving out there! Dave
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Any idea how Costco arrived at fixed prices like that?
I know a few years ago in our area, Costco used TrueCar, but I was under the impression those prices varied based on other previous sales.
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