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Hi everyone, I'm a new member from north jersey. Registered mainly to learn about this SUV, my fiance purchased one 3 months ago upgrading from a honda civic. She absolutely loves it, it's a 19 Passport Elite in obsidian blue pearl, i wasn't thrilled with the color initially we picked it up at night, but in the sun it's gorgeous. Hoping to make new friends and learn little tips and tricks to get this thing exactly how she wants it. Such as interior lighting, and possibly she read somewhere about changing the door checks for the rear doors with front ones from a ridgeline? i could be wrong but i'm here to learn. Sorry no pics of the passport right now we got snow last night and it's filthy from the roads up here.
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Thanks guys, impatient me I just ordered an led interior light kit to replace all the incandescent lighting also led reverse lights i'm hoping i read correctly and its a 7443. Also ordered an AEM drop in dry flow air filter, i'm not a fan or high flow filters that need oil, but i'd rather have this so i'm not changing the stock one annually with little to no mileage on it.
Congrats on your new Passport.
Sometimes i wish it were mine, but alas it's my fiance's at the end of the day, I'm a bit of an old school GM nut when it comes down to it, i don't see any new car in my foreseeable future.
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