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New Forum Member: Not a new owner yet... still weighing between FWD and AWD

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My wife and I have been looking for a replacement for our 2016 Subaru Outback. It's been a good car overall, but as we near 90K miles, we are looking to replace it before we hit 100k miles. We are deciding if we should go with a FWD verses an AWD model? Our Subaru ate tires... every year and a half (even after recommended rotations, and driving 20k a year) we have been replacing 60K mile tread life tires every year and a half! We were told it's because of the AWD system causing a hiring wear life on the tires. So... we've been debating between FWD and AWD on the Passport. The $1,900 difference isn't so much of a factor as the tire life. We live in a snow climate, but have many friends with FWD SUV's that fair well with a good set of snow tires. MPG isn't that far off between the FWD and the AWD. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Any input would be greatly appreciated...
When we were shopping for ours I asked the salesman: Does that one have AWD? to which he replied "We don't sell them without AWD". FWIW, and yes we live in a snow climate. Also FWIW we used to live ini Texas and my wife still had a fixation that AWD was needed. Me notsomuch, but there you have it.

Oh, she did compromise and get a FWD crossover when we lived down there, and when the tires wore in the front more than the back, we replaced all four anyway.

I don't think honestly that this decision should be made on the basis of tire wear or life.
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