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New Forum Member: Not a new owner yet... still weighing between FWD and AWD

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My wife and I have been looking for a replacement for our 2016 Subaru Outback. It's been a good car overall, but as we near 90K miles, we are looking to replace it before we hit 100k miles. We are deciding if we should go with a FWD verses an AWD model? Our Subaru ate tires... every year and a half (even after recommended rotations, and driving 20k a year) we have been replacing 60K mile tread life tires every year and a half! We were told it's because of the AWD system causing a hiring wear life on the tires. So... we've been debating between FWD and AWD on the Passport. The $1,900 difference isn't so much of a factor as the tire life. We live in a snow climate, but have many friends with FWD SUV's that fair well with a good set of snow tires. MPG isn't that far off between the FWD and the AWD. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Her is my 2-1/2 cents: Bought our daughter a 2019 Forester about 4 months after I bought my AWD Passport and while I cannot address your tire wear issues, I will say that the Passport was over $10k more but is worth every penny!

Also, I do not live in a snowy or even rainy environment, and have never owned an AWD (or a 4WD) vehicle in my life, but absolutely LOVE the Passport AWD and will probably get AWD's always going forward, as they are safer and more stable, that is why EVERY Subaru is AWD, (they know...)!

And lastly, as hard as this may be to hear... your wife is RIGHT...!
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