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New Canadian Owner - Ontario

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Been driving a new black 2019 Passport Touring Edition for a couple weeks now. Big change coming from a Civic! Not too many of these on the roads around here, north of Toronto, and that's a big positive for me. Love having something a little different from the masses. One in every three cars on the road seem to be a CRV!

Been dealing with less than perfect tint jobs set up from the dealership...took two tries to get it right. And the 3M chip guard applied to the hood needs to go back for a third try. Is this a lost art or just really poor quality control???
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Welcome to the site. There aren’t a lot of Passports in my area either(Kincardine), too bad about your tint and clear bra experience.
Hello friends, I was unofficially confirmed by my dealer that I was the first passport owner in the province. Date of purchase is Mar 07, 2019.

Congratulations @bilcoprod for your new passport.

Very few I see on roads here in Canada. There's been most sold in US.
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